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Friday, September 03, 2004

Rock that Babe / Andrew McKnight

Listening to "The Mammals." Late night, head-banging, banjo-strummin', mandolin-pickin', hound-doggin' folk-protest music ala the Mammals' latest release, "Rock that Babe." Love their version of John Henry--YEE HAH! And no one I've ever seen can make a ukelele sing like Ruth Ungar.

Also looking forward to Andrew McKnight's fourth and newest album "Beyond Borders" coming this fall, along with seeing him on his Midwestern tour. Hopefully he'll hit Bloomington. If you've never heard Andrew's music before, check out any of his three albums (Traveler, Where This River Runs, and Turning Pages). He writes evocative lyrics especially of geographic regions like the South and the West. He lives in Loudon County, Virginia and some of his best songs reflect that region's land and history. In the five years I lived in that part of the country (DC area), I came to admire and respect the region more through knowing his work. I'll post where he's coming once I learn his itinerary.


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