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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Kitchen Party- Feb. 13 playlist

Here's the whole thing. Hope you tune in on Feb. 27--my next show.


ARTIST: Kate Rusby
SONG: I Wish
ALBUM: 10 (2003)
LABEL: Compass Records 4350

SONG: No Train to Memphis
ALBUM: Prairie Home Companion: 30th Broadcast Season Celebration CD (2004)
LABEL: PH611295

ARTIST: Peter Rowan and Tony Rice
SONG: Shirt Off My Back (Rowan and Rice)
ALBUM: You Were There for Me (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 610441

ARTIST: Debra Cowan
SONG: Dreadful Ghost
ALBUM: The Long Grey Line (2001)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music FM-1036

ARTIST: Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas
SONG: Sailor's Wife and the Lads of Duns (Traditional)
ALBUM: Fire and Grace (2004)
LABEL: Culburnie Records CUL 121

ARTIST: Nashville Bluegrass Band
SONG: Sitting on Top of the World (Carter, Jacobs)
ALBUM: Twenty Year Blues (2004)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 3959

ARTIST: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
SONG: Crawdad Song (Traditional)
ALBUM: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (1989)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 3775

ARTIST: Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia
SONG: Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia on River
ALBUM: Mali Lolo! Stars of Mali (2003)
LABEL: Smithsonian Folkways 40508

ARTIST: Alison Krauss and Union Station
SONG: Restless (Castleman)
ALBUM: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 610525

ARTIST: Sweet Honey in the Rock
SONG: Run on For a Long Time (arr. Barnwell, Reagon)
ALBUM: Still on the Journey (20th Anniversary Album) (1993)
LABEL: Earthbeat 42536

ARTIST: Ashley MacIssac with MayBelle Chisholm McQueen, piano.
SONG: B-flat Clogs and Reels
ALBUM: Live at the Savoy (2004)
LABEL: Linus Entertainment 2 70054

ARTIST: Kim and Reggie Harris
SONG: What's That I Hear (Phil Ochs)
ALBUM: Let My People Go!: A Jewish & African American Celebration of Freedom (2005)
LABEL: Appleseed Recordings 1084

ARTIST: Dulcie Taylor
SONG: Ice Melts (Recupido, Taylor)
ALBUM: Mirrors and Windows (2004)
LABEL: Black Iris 2004


SONG: Ain't Got Time
ALBUM: Prairie Home Companion: 30th Broadcast Season Celebration CD
LABEL: PH611295

ARTIST: Mac Wiseman
SONG: Wreck of the Old 97 (Mac Wiseman)
ALBUM: Definitive Bluegrass Collection (2001)
LABEL: CMH (=Country Music Hall of Fame) 1797

ARTIST: Cheryl Wheeler
SONG: Is it Peace or is it Prozac? (Wheeler)
ALBUM: Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar (1995)
LABEL: Philo 1192

ARTIST: Tom Paxton
SONG: I Don't Wanna Bunny-Wunny (Paxton)
ALBUM: Live for the Record (1995)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 1053

ARTIST: Trout Fishing in America
SONG: Junk Food Jump (Grimwood, Idlet)
ALBUM: Infinity (2001)
LABEL: Trout 15

ARTIST: Michael Johnathon
SONG: Shady Grove
ALBUM: Folkboy Orchestra Live
LABEL: Poet Man Records PMR 70014

ARTIST: Iris Dement
SONG: Our Town (Dement)
ALBUM: Infamous Angel
LABEL: Philo 1138 (1992) and Warner Brothers 45238 (1993)

ARTIST: Robin and Linda Williams
SONG: Devil is a Mighty Wind (The Williams'es and Clark)
ALBUM: Live (1993)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 1043

ARTIST: Salamander Crossing
SONG: Paul and Peter Walked (Chris Stuart)
ALBUM: Bottleneck (1998)
LABEL: Signature Sounds 1244

ARTIST: Dick Gaughan
SONG: Both Sides the Tweed (Dick Gaughan, but covered by many different artists)
ALBUM: Prentice Piece (2002)
LABEL: Greentrax CDTRAX 236D

ARTIST: Andrew McKnight
SONG: Hard Times in the Heartland (McKnight)
ALBUM: Beyond Borders (2004)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music 1043

ARTIST: Genticorum
SONG: Le 25 de Maj
ALBUM: La Galarneau
LABEL: Gent 1202

ARTIST: Beyond the Pale
SONG: Enosereh (VanDeVen) [ed: Spell the title backwards]
ALBUM: Consensus (Live) (2004)
LABEL: Borealis Records 1165

ARTIST: Del McCoury Band
SONG: Fire and the Flame (Gifford)
ALBUM: It's Just the Night (2003)
LABEL: McCoury Music 1


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