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Monday, September 06, 2004

Stan Rogers- great Canadian folksinger

I've been listening to songs by Stan Rogers for years thanks to folk hosts Jim Blum (WKSU, Kent, Ohio) and Mary Cliff (WETA-FM, Arlington, Virginia). He definitely has that lived-in voice you hear from some of the great folk singers. The title track "Northwest Passage" from "Northwest Passage" (Fogarty's Cove Music FMS-004-D, 1981) is a great place-name song. I've always loved to read maps, and hearing some of the strait and island names in the Arctic region of Canada...well, they take me back to my childhood when I would picture myself in some of those far-flung places. I don't think I'd really care to visit for a long period of time, but still it's a good song. It also lists some historical figures of Canada, namely Gordon Thompson and Alexander MacKenzie. I'm glad I added this disc to my collection, and look forward to playing it soon.

I found a Stan Rogers tribute page here. That should keep me busy for awhile.

Next week is the callout meeting for the fall season at WIUS. So, it shouldn't be long now before "The Kitchen Party" returns to the air. Jeff, another folk host at WIUS, and I are splitting the shift this year. But we're doing the first show together to debut the new format. With library school and my other jobs, this should be a welcome respite.


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