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Saturday, February 19, 2005

News about Stan Rogers

I'm passing along this news about the late Canadian folksinger Stan Roger's quintessentially-Canadian song "Northwest Passage":

Hi all...Stan Rogers' classic song NORTHWEST PASSAGE was just yesterday voted the #1 song of the first round of the 1980's in CBC Radio's 50 Tracks: the 50 most important Canadian pop songs (hosted by Jian Ghomeshi).

You can hear Jian's pitch for the song here:

You can watch a short clip of Stan singing it here.

And of course you can peruse the whole site.

What is 50 Tracks? From the CBC website:

50 Tracks is back and we are on a quest to come up with a great list of the 50 most important Canadian pop songs.

Host Jian Ghomeshi will once again bring together panels of celebrities, pop culture specialists and people in the know to nominate their choices for definitive Canadian pop songs.The choices are bound to be controversial and hotly debated by the panelists and, more importantly, by our audience. What should be on the list? What shouldn't be? The audience will add their 10 top picks and, ultimately decide which song will be #1!

50 Tracks is all about creating the list. It is about the choices and the debate that go into making that list. It's about getting involved and fighting for your favourites in a spirit of fun and friendly competition. It's about discovering, and celebrating Canadian pop music and the people who make it.

O Canada................................


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