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Monday, February 28, 2005

Kitchen Party- February 27 playlist

UPDATE: Sorry this got up so late.

It was a short show last week due to the IU Womens' Basketball game. Here's the 8 o'clock hour, plus the short segment that preceded it.

Next show will be after sprign break on the 27th. Thanks for listening though despite all the bumps and glitches of being on air every other week. Hope you enjoyed last week's show!


7:48-8:00 PM

ARTIST: Bohola
TITLE: Ashe March / The Wexford Fisherman / The Lark in the Mountain / Blurty's (Sean Cleland, Joe Foley, Jimmy Keane, Traditional)
ALBUM: 4 (2004)
RECORD LABEL/#: Shanachie 78058

8:00 PM

ARTIST: Alison Krauss/Union Station (featuring Ron Block)
TITLE: I Don't Have to Live This Way
ALBUM: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
RECORD LABEL/#: Rounder 610525

ARTIST: The Malvinas
TITLE: Sweet and Sunny South
ALBUM: Love, Hope, and Transportation

ARTIST: Reckless Kelly
TITLE: Seven Nights in Eire (Bennett, Braun, and Braun)
ALBUM: Wicked Twisted Road (2005)
RECORD LABEL/#: Sugar Hill 3992

ARTIST: Eastmountainsouth
TITLE: Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Foster)
ALBUM: Eastmountainsouth (2003)
RECORD LABEL/#: Dreamworks 450418

ARTIST: Suzy Bogguss
TITLE: Ah May the Red Rose Live Alway (S. Foster)
ALBUM: Beautiful Dreamer: Songs of Stephen Foster
RECORD LABEL/#: American Roots Publishing/Emergen 591594
GRAMMY WINNER! for Best Traditional Folk Album

ARTIST: Pat Wictor
TITLE: Don't Dig My Grave too Deep
ALBUM: Waitin for the Water (2005)
RECORD LABEL/#: Risky Disc Music

ARTIST: Ruthie Foster
TITLE: Hole in My Pocket (Terry Hendrix)
ALBUM: Runaway Soul (2002)
RECORD LABEL/#: Blue Corn Music 202

ARTIST: J.P. Jones
TITLE: Temporary Partners
ALBUM: Thugs and Lovers (2005)
RECORD LABEL/#: Vision Company

ARTIST: Kickin Grass
TITLE: Backroads
ALBUM: Backroads (2003)

ARTIST: Stephanie Winters, cello
TITLE: Precious Lord, Take My Hand (Thomas M. Dorsey) (arranged for cello and multi-tracked cello orchestra)
ALBUM: Through the Storm (2004)

ARTIST: Chanticleer (featuring Joseph Jennings, solo and piano)
TITLE: Jefferson / Soar Away (A.M. Caigle) / I'm a Pilgrim
ALBUM: Our American Journey (2002)
RECORD LABEL/#: Teldec 48566

ARTIST: Bohola
TITLE: Bluehill / Lonesome Robin / Carracastle Lasses (Coltman, Keane, Trad.)
ALBUM: 4 (2004)
RECORD LABEL/#: Shanachie 78058

Sunday, February 27, 2005

KP- short show tonight

If you tune in to AM 1570 WIUS tonight at 7 pm, you might hear the sounds of the IU Women's Basketball Team. The game should be over by 8:00. That's when I'll be on for one hour of folk music. If you're not into sports, check me out at around 8. Lots of music to celebrate African-American History Month this week. Stay tuned!

PS: The low bandwidth connection is still down. High bandwidth connection here.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

News about Stan Rogers

I'm passing along this news about the late Canadian folksinger Stan Roger's quintessentially-Canadian song "Northwest Passage":

Hi all...Stan Rogers' classic song NORTHWEST PASSAGE was just yesterday voted the #1 song of the first round of the 1980's in CBC Radio's 50 Tracks: the 50 most important Canadian pop songs (hosted by Jian Ghomeshi).

You can hear Jian's pitch for the song here:

You can watch a short clip of Stan singing it here.

And of course you can peruse the whole site.

What is 50 Tracks? From the CBC website:

50 Tracks is back and we are on a quest to come up with a great list of the 50 most important Canadian pop songs.

Host Jian Ghomeshi will once again bring together panels of celebrities, pop culture specialists and people in the know to nominate their choices for definitive Canadian pop songs.The choices are bound to be controversial and hotly debated by the panelists and, more importantly, by our audience. What should be on the list? What shouldn't be? The audience will add their 10 top picks and, ultimately decide which song will be #1!

50 Tracks is all about creating the list. It is about the choices and the debate that go into making that list. It's about getting involved and fighting for your favourites in a spirit of fun and friendly competition. It's about discovering, and celebrating Canadian pop music and the people who make it.

O Canada................................

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Kitchen Party- Feb. 13 playlist

Here's the whole thing. Hope you tune in on Feb. 27--my next show.


ARTIST: Kate Rusby
SONG: I Wish
ALBUM: 10 (2003)
LABEL: Compass Records 4350

SONG: No Train to Memphis
ALBUM: Prairie Home Companion: 30th Broadcast Season Celebration CD (2004)
LABEL: PH611295

ARTIST: Peter Rowan and Tony Rice
SONG: Shirt Off My Back (Rowan and Rice)
ALBUM: You Were There for Me (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 610441

ARTIST: Debra Cowan
SONG: Dreadful Ghost
ALBUM: The Long Grey Line (2001)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music FM-1036

ARTIST: Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas
SONG: Sailor's Wife and the Lads of Duns (Traditional)
ALBUM: Fire and Grace (2004)
LABEL: Culburnie Records CUL 121

ARTIST: Nashville Bluegrass Band
SONG: Sitting on Top of the World (Carter, Jacobs)
ALBUM: Twenty Year Blues (2004)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 3959

ARTIST: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
SONG: Crawdad Song (Traditional)
ALBUM: Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (1989)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 3775

ARTIST: Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia
SONG: Ko Kan Ko Sata Doumbia on River
ALBUM: Mali Lolo! Stars of Mali (2003)
LABEL: Smithsonian Folkways 40508

ARTIST: Alison Krauss and Union Station
SONG: Restless (Castleman)
ALBUM: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 610525

ARTIST: Sweet Honey in the Rock
SONG: Run on For a Long Time (arr. Barnwell, Reagon)
ALBUM: Still on the Journey (20th Anniversary Album) (1993)
LABEL: Earthbeat 42536

ARTIST: Ashley MacIssac with MayBelle Chisholm McQueen, piano.
SONG: B-flat Clogs and Reels
ALBUM: Live at the Savoy (2004)
LABEL: Linus Entertainment 2 70054

ARTIST: Kim and Reggie Harris
SONG: What's That I Hear (Phil Ochs)
ALBUM: Let My People Go!: A Jewish & African American Celebration of Freedom (2005)
LABEL: Appleseed Recordings 1084

ARTIST: Dulcie Taylor
SONG: Ice Melts (Recupido, Taylor)
ALBUM: Mirrors and Windows (2004)
LABEL: Black Iris 2004


SONG: Ain't Got Time
ALBUM: Prairie Home Companion: 30th Broadcast Season Celebration CD
LABEL: PH611295

ARTIST: Mac Wiseman
SONG: Wreck of the Old 97 (Mac Wiseman)
ALBUM: Definitive Bluegrass Collection (2001)
LABEL: CMH (=Country Music Hall of Fame) 1797

ARTIST: Cheryl Wheeler
SONG: Is it Peace or is it Prozac? (Wheeler)
ALBUM: Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar (1995)
LABEL: Philo 1192

ARTIST: Tom Paxton
SONG: I Don't Wanna Bunny-Wunny (Paxton)
ALBUM: Live for the Record (1995)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 1053

ARTIST: Trout Fishing in America
SONG: Junk Food Jump (Grimwood, Idlet)
ALBUM: Infinity (2001)
LABEL: Trout 15

ARTIST: Michael Johnathon
SONG: Shady Grove
ALBUM: Folkboy Orchestra Live
LABEL: Poet Man Records PMR 70014

ARTIST: Iris Dement
SONG: Our Town (Dement)
ALBUM: Infamous Angel
LABEL: Philo 1138 (1992) and Warner Brothers 45238 (1993)

ARTIST: Robin and Linda Williams
SONG: Devil is a Mighty Wind (The Williams'es and Clark)
ALBUM: Live (1993)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 1043

ARTIST: Salamander Crossing
SONG: Paul and Peter Walked (Chris Stuart)
ALBUM: Bottleneck (1998)
LABEL: Signature Sounds 1244

ARTIST: Dick Gaughan
SONG: Both Sides the Tweed (Dick Gaughan, but covered by many different artists)
ALBUM: Prentice Piece (2002)
LABEL: Greentrax CDTRAX 236D

ARTIST: Andrew McKnight
SONG: Hard Times in the Heartland (McKnight)
ALBUM: Beyond Borders (2004)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music 1043

ARTIST: Genticorum
SONG: Le 25 de Maj
ALBUM: La Galarneau
LABEL: Gent 1202

ARTIST: Beyond the Pale
SONG: Enosereh (VanDeVen) [ed: Spell the title backwards]
ALBUM: Consensus (Live) (2004)
LABEL: Borealis Records 1165

ARTIST: Del McCoury Band
SONG: Fire and the Flame (Gifford)
ALBUM: It's Just the Night (2003)
LABEL: McCoury Music 1

KP tonight

Just a reminder that I'll be spinning the music of the Volk tonight between 7 and 9 pm on AM 1570, WIUS "Pure Student Radio." You can listen online if you have a broadband connection, but unfortunately our low-bandwidth connection is down, temporarily. Good stuff tonight--some recent discs from the Scottish label Greentrax, Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas in "Fire and Grace," a Jim Malcolm album (of Old Blind Dogs fame), a Dick Gaughan retrospecitve, and a new disc from Appleseed Recordings by Kim and Reggie Harris and Rabbi Jonathan Kliegler called "Let My People Go: A Jewish and Afican American Celebration of Freedom," and more. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Kitchen Party- Feb. 6, 2005 playlist


ARTIST: Chris Thile
SONG: On Ice (Thile)
ALBUM: Deceiver (2004)
LABEL: Sugar Hill 3976

ARTIST: Alison Krauss & Union Station(singer: Dan Tyminski)
SONG: Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
ALBUM: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 11661 0525-2

ARTIST: Very Girls
SONG: Hollow World (Ad Van Meurs)
ALBUM: Elsewhere Bound (2002)
LABEL: Recovery 2681

ARTIST: Tim Grimm
SONG: Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
ALBUM: Names (2004)
LABEL: Wind River WR4032CD

ARTIST: Ashley MacIssac with May Belle Chisholm McQueen, piano.
SONG: Lame Malcolm (set)
ALBUM: Live at the Savoy (2004)
LABEL: Linus Entertainment 2 70054

ARTIST: Kate McDonnell
SONG: Hey Joe (Lindley and McDonnell)
ALBUM: Where the Mangoes Are (2005-NEW!)
LABEL: Appleseed Recordings 1085

ARTIST: Beausolelil
SONG: Peux pas me refuser (You Can't Refuse Me)
ALBUM: Gitane Cajun (2004)
LABEL: Vanguard Records 79759-2
COMING TO BLOOMINGTON on February 10th (7 pm @ Buskirk-Chumley Theater, as part of the IU Arts Week, co-sponsored by Lotus Fest.

ARTIST: John McCusker
SONG: Cakemaker's Wife (McCusker)
ALBUM: Goodnight Ginger (2003)
LABEL: Pure Records PRCD 11 (in the US: Compass Records 4352)

ARTIST: Andrew McKnight
SONG: Good Things Matter (McKnight)
ALBUM: Beyond Borders (2004)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music FM-1043

ARTIST: Catherine-Ann MacPhee
SONG: Failte Dhruim Fionn
ALBUM: Looking Back = Suil Air Ais (2004)
LABEL: Greentrax Records CDTRAX 258


ARTIST: Gaelic Storm
SONG: The Leaving of Liverpool (Traditional)
ALBUM: Gaelic Storm (1998)
LABEL: OmTown/Higher Octave OMCD 46112

ARTIST: Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder
SONG: Monore Dancin' (Ricky Skaggs)
ALBUM: Brand New Strings (2004)
LABEL: Skaggs Family Records 6989010062

ARTIST: Beth Lodge Rigal (Bloomington artist)
SONG: One Safe Place
ALBUM: Children on a Ride

ARTIST: Mary Anne Hitt and Than Hitt
SONG: The Most Beautiful Place in the World (Mary Anne Hitt, 1998)
ALBUM: Moving Mountains: Voices of Appalachia Rise Up Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining (2004)
LABEL: Falling Mountain MusicFM-1040

ARTIST: Todd Snider
SONG: Lonely Girl (Snider)
ALBUM: Happy to Be Here (2000)
LABEL: Oh Boy 20

ARTIST: Annie Gallup
SONG: Down the Other Side
ALBUM: Selected Songs 1994-2004

ARTIST: Acoustic Syndicate
SONG: Blue Bird Train (Steve McMurry)
ALBUM: Long Way Round (2004)
LABEL: Sugar Hill Records 3993

ARTIST: Alison Krauss & Union Station
SONG: Gravity (R. L. Castleman)
ALBUM: Lonely Runs Both Ways (2004)
LABEL: Rounder 11661 0525-2

SONG: El Ramu (Toli Morilla, Traditional)
ALBUM: Tierra de Nadie 1998, 2000)
LABEL: Hispa Vox/Higher Octave 7243 5 25482 2 4

ARTIST: Big Bill Broonzy
SONG: This Train (Bound for Glory)
ALBUM: Classic Folk Music (2004)
LABEL: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings SFW CD 40110

ARTIST: Ostblocket
SONG: Kungen av Trelleborgsgatan (F. Runesson)
ALBUM: Yes, We Are a Swedish Balkan Band, You Don't Have to Look Twice (2004)
LABEL: Ostblocket OBL 002

ARTIST: Bog Wanderers
SONG: Slides: Waiting for Bridget-The Magic Kingdom-The Great 38 (Danny Flynn)
ALBUM: Here's to You (2004)
LABEL: Falling Mountain Music FM 1042

ARTIST: Gaelic Storm
SONG: Drink the Night Away
ALBUM: Herding Cats (1999)
LABEL: OmTown OMCD 48091

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New semester, new season

The fun starts this Sunday with a joint Kitchen Party/Folk from the Heartland show with myself and Jeff Cannon on WIUS-AM 1570. Check us out from 7-9 pm Sunday nights. I'm on the week after also. Jeff's the week after. Bottom line: Folk and traditional music on college radio every Sunday night! Listen here high bandwidth or low bandwidth.