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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Hour 2-- Set 3

ARTIST: Country Gentlemen
ALBUM: Sugar Hill Collection
SONG: Coal, Black Gold

ARTIST: Jay Mankita
ALBUM: Dogs are Watching Us
SONG: Illegal Aliens

Hour 2 -- Set 2

ARTIST: Doc Watson
ALBUM: My Dear Old Southern Home
SONG: Dream of the Coal of the Miner's Child

ARTIST: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
ALBUM: Entirely Live
SONG: Thirty Inch Coal

Hour 2--Set 1

ARTIST: Anonymous 4
ALBUM: American Angels
SONG: Resignation

ARTIST: Junior Brown
ALBUM: Down Home Chrome
SONG: Little Rivi-Airhead

ARTIST: Wailin' Jennys
ALBUM: 40 Days
SONG: [Untitled]

ARTIST: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
ALBUM: Entirely Live
SONG: DC Niner

ARTIST: Chris Thile
ALBUM: Deceiver
SONG: Jessamyn's Reel

ARTIST: Beausoleil
ALBUM: Gitane Cajun
SONG: Chere Bebe

Hour 1--Set 4

ARTIST: Ostblocket
ALBUM: Ostblocket Presents
SONG: Two Happy Elephants

ARTIST: Chris Stout
ALBUM: Scandanonymous
SONG: First o' the Darkenin'

ARTIST: Ostblcket
ALBUM: Yes We Are a Swedish Balkan Band--You Don't Have to Look Twice
SONG: Rauk Cocek

Hour 1--Set 3

ARTIST: Gloria Jean
ALBUM: All She Wrote
SONG: Early Morning Fire

ARTIST: Nashville Bluegrass Band
ALBUM: Twenty Year Blues
SONG: Tell Me Your Love is Still True

ARTIST: Michale Jonathan
ALBUM: The Folkboy Orchestra Live
SONG: Michael B Rag

Hour 1--Set 2

ARTIST: Roddy MacDonald
ALBUM: Good Drying
SONG: Good Drying

ARTIST: Roddy MacDonald
ALBUM: Good Drying
SONG: The King Danced at Dawn

Hour 1--Set 1

This is Mona, filling in for Thom--If any of this is mixed up, I apologize!

ARTIST: Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder
ALBUM: Brand New Strings
SONG: Brand New Strings
RECORD LABEL: Skaggs Mountain Records

ARTIST: Melanie Cannon
ALBUM: Melanie Cannon
SONG: Westbound Trains
RECORD LABEL:Skaggs Mountain Records

ARTIST: Sensitive New Age Cowpersons
ALBUM: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
SONG: Doc Met the Devil

ARTIST: Trout Fishing in America
ALBUM: Merry Fishes to All
SONG: Bob and Bob

ARTIST: Wolf Creek Session
ALBUM: Between Two Shores
SONG: Miss Mary MacDonald/Rolling in the Barrel

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Kitchen Party - Nov. 21 show

Hello faithful KP listeners!

I'm writing you from Washington, DC, where I'm taking a short pre-Thanksgiving holiday. But fear not! For Kitchen Party will be on tomorrow night with my trusty substitute, Mona. Mona was on with me this summer for our classical music program, "The Thom and Mona Show." She'll be playing some recent discs I've gotten, including lots of new bluegrass and a cool bagpipe disc by Roddy MacDonald on Greentrax Records. The Archives segment which feature songs by Applachian musicians and interviews with coal miners and residents of villages in West Virginia. Thanks to Falling Mountain Music for sending me their recent disc called "Moving Mountains" highlighting the practice of mountaintop removal by the coal companies. Clean coal may be in the future, but clean rivers are nicer.

I'll be back after the break with more Kitchen Party--particularly Christmas music by the Blind Boys of Alabama and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Last Set- Hour #2

1) ARTIST: Excerpts from "Songs from Cape Breton Island" (Folkways P450, c1955)
Courtesy of Archives of Traditional Music (59-049-C), Indiana University
Played: "Mo Run, Mo Nighean Dhonn Bhoidheach, Lan I De Dh'Ainneadh, Flowers of
the Forest, and I'll Get a Soldier for a Shilling"

2) ARTIST: Jay Ungar & Molly Mason / Paul Roebling & David McCullough, narrator
SONG: Ashokan Farwell/Sullivan Ballou Letter
TITLE: Civil War Soundtrack
RECORD LABEL: Elektra Nonesuch 9 79256 2 (1990)

3) ARTIST: Soggy Bottom Boys
SONG: Man of Constant Sorrow
TITLE: O Brother Where Art Thou (2000 soundtrack)
RECORD LABEL: Mercury Records 088 170-069-2

Thanks for listening! See you in two weeks!

Hour 2- set two: Bluegrass and Old-Time

1) ARTIST: Chris Cairns
SONG: Long Black Veil
TITLE: Runaway Train
RECORD LABEL: Fireheart Productions CC8253

2) ARTIST: Alison Krauss and Choir
SONG: Down to the River to Pray
TITLE: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000 soundtrack)
RECORD LABEL: Mercury 088 170-069-2

3) ARTIST: Amy White and Al Petteway
SONG: Accokeek Shore
TITLE: Acoustic Journey
RECORD LABEL: Maggie's Music MM230 (

4) ARTIST: Sensitive New Age Cowboys
SONG: Doc Met the Devil
TITLE: ...Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

5) ARTIST: Kate Long
SONG: I Can't Help it If My Home is In Your Way
RECORD LABEL: Falling Mountain Music FM 1040 (
TITLE: Moving Mountains: Voices of Appalachia
Information at

6) ARTIST: Doc Watson
SONG: White House Blues
TITLE: Trouble in Mind: The Doc Watson Country Blues Collection
RECORD LABEL: Sugar Hill Records SUG-CD-3966 (

Hour 2, Set One- International dance music

1) ARTIST: Beausoleil avec Marcel Doucet
SONG: Peux pas me refuser (You Can't Refuse Me)
TITLE: Gitane Cajun
RECORD LABEL: Vanguard Records 79759-2 (

2) ARTIST: Sukke
SONG: Freylekh(2) (Traditional: Suite of 2 different dance tunes)
TITLE: Introducting Sukke
RECORD LABEL: World Music Network

3) ARTIST: Ostblocket
SONG: Kungen Ay Trelleborgsgatan
TITLE: Yes, We are a Swedish Balkan Band, You Don't Have to Look Twice!
RECORD LABEL: Ostblocket OBL002

4) ARTIST: Beyond the Pale (with Christy McLeod)
SONG: Where to Now, St. Peter?
TITLE: Queen of Skye

Third Set- Lamenting Tuesday

1) ARTIST: George Scherer
SONG: Two Bush Blues
TITLE: Election Year Waltz

2) ARTIST: Deidre McCalla
SONG: If God Only Knew
TITLE: Playing for Keeps
RECORD LABEL: Maiden Rock Records MRK 3050

3) ARTIST: Pete Seeger (w/Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco and Steve Earle)
SONG: Bring 'em Home
TITLE: Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Volume 3
RECORD LABEL: Appleseed Recordings APR CD 1072 (

4) ARTIST: Sweet Honey in the Rock
SONG: No Taxation without Representation
TITLE: The Women Gather (30th Anniversary)
RECORD LABEL: Earthbeat Records R2 73829 (

Second Set- Bluegrass

1) ARTIST: Melanie Cannon
SONG: Westbound Trains (Buddy Cannon)
TITLE: Melanie Cannon
ALBUM: Skaggs Family Records 6989020112

2) ARTIST: Sensitive New Age Cowpersons
SONG: Daddy Wore a Mulltet (J. Fisher)
TITLE: ...Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

3) ARTIST: Jen Osha with Wolf Creek Session
SONG: The Fiddler's Ballad
TITLE: Moving Mountains: Voices of Appalachia
ALBUM: Falling Mountain FM 1040 (
CONTACT: (for more information)

4) ARTIST: Sensitive New Age Cowpersons
SONG: The Sound of Music (bluegrass medley)
TITLE: ...Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

First set of the night- Celtic!

SET ONE: 7:00-7:19 pm

1) ARTIST: Beyond the Pale
SONG: Farrel O'Gara's / The Ballharbor / Siobhan O'Donnell's (Irish reels)
TITLE: Queen of Skye

2) ARTIST: Catherine-Ann MacPhee
SONG: Puirt-a-neul: - Ci'n Fhideheall / Maighleas Mor na Guailne / Eadar-a-
TITLE: Suil Air Ais (Looking Back)

3) ARTIST: Ashley MacIssac featuring Dallas Smith of Default
SONG: Mull of Kintyre (Brian Frederick Hines and Paul McCartney)
TITLE: Ashley MacIssac
RECORD LABEL: Decca B0000224-02 (

4) ARTIST: Téada
SONG: Highland/Fling/Slip Jig/Reel: Highland Chluain Ard / Clarke's / The
Foxhunter's Jig / The Old Maid (Traditional)
TITLE: Give Us a Penny And Let Us Be Gone
RECORD LABEL: Green Linnet GLCD 1228 (

Kitchen Party- on at 7 tonight!

Hello everyone-- We're on tonight after a little time away. Tonight I'll feature some new discs from Scotland, including Gaelic singer Catherine-Ann MacPee, the Irish band Téada (pronounced Tay-Da), new Bluegrass discs from Melanie Cannon, Chris Cairns, and from Australia, the "Sensitive New Age Cowpersons." Tonight's Archives segment features music from Cape Breton Island, some Gaelic songs and piping.

Stay tuned!